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Episode 2: Who Do We Think We Are – and What’s the Buzz?

Join hosts Kym FrankCorey MossSpence Graham and Maura Quinn as they welcome their guests:

Michelle Loret – Converged AV/IT Professional | AVoIP Enthusiast | AV Podcaster

Tim Van Woeart – Senior Project Supervisor at Rutgers University

Jennifer Gertz – Business Development at

In this second episode of a show that launched with Legion M and #NonCommEMEA (paving the road well), the hosts and their guests begin this one talking about the #SPoAV, otherwise known as the Short People of Audio Visual. They all talk about the person who was the originator of the group, and the person who was deemed the US Ambassador by Michelle (who is also a member). We looked for the qualifiers on this show – Maura and Jennifer may have qualified but it was really up to them, and Kym qualified more than once over. In fact she was a bit challenged reaching her new microphone, but that was taken care of. Tim is just way too tall.

Next all talked about trade shows, Michelle starting it off with ISE 2019 talking about the show. Did the Europeans take to Michelle this time around? You’ll find out. Michelle also talked about one of the companies she met with at the show, and the advanced technology that they showed at their stand. All who attend the different trade shows – the Digital Signage Expo (Spence and Kym – also an OOH Expo), Educause (Tim) and NonComm (Maura) were also mentioned (and Jennifer talked about a software conference) – weigh in on the benefits, advantages and more about the shows. Spence, who is the Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation talks about the DSF, as well as previous Chairman Rich Ventura, VP of Strategy at NEC Display Solutions. And then there’s SPoAV talk again…

Then – what’s the buzz? All involved talk about those buzz words on their professional levels that drive them nuts, and why. Need we say more? Gamechanging? Nope!!

Finally it’s time for…

The Great AVTopia Debate!

Emoji are showing up in court cases exponentially, and courts aren’t prepared

Even sides are chosen (amazingly) and all debate on whether it’s good or not so much in terms of this use of emoji. Who won? You’ll find the end result of this one interesting.

When all is done, there are some closing thoughts on #NonCommEMEA from Kym.

Episode 2 in the books! Get strapped in and join us on this journey, as we all head out to the highway on…

The Road to AVtopia.

Episode 1A: The #NonCommEMEA Conversation Continues, Getting a Job in AV, and The Great AVtopia Debate

Hosts Kym FrankCorey MossSpence Graham and Maura Quinn and their guests:

Joe Way, PhD – Director of Multimedia Services at California Baptist University

Harry Meade – Design Engineer at Diversified

Jennifer Gertz – Business Development at (intelligent and scalable machine data analytics platform)

All continue the conversation (which began with Art Danner on The AV Life Episode 123) about the greatest trade show everyone who is anyone will be attending in March – #NonCommEMEA – with Harry, who tells why all must consider being there. Sure, that guy Giancarlo is a bit challenged, but as long as you have the luxury package it’s a great chance that you’ll actually be catered to – and hopefully not with an Impossible Burger (Spence wants meat!). Joe talks about being a high end luxury package member of the event, check out his conversation and make sure you get in before they’re all sold out!

Next, Maura takes over the discussion talking about getting a job in the AV industry, as she works with Tier PM the well known AV and IT recruiter. All talk about it, mentioning certifications and more, as well as the initiative built in alliance with Women in AV – you can check out that discussion as well on The AV Life Episode 123.

And there’s more about #NonComm – thank Giancarlo for helping to keep this conversation on track (which is just totally rare for him to keep anything on track).

Finally, it’s time for…

The Great AVtopia Debate!

The article in question:


Scientists Have Grown Primate Brains-in-a-Dish on an Unprecedented Scale (Science alert)

Sides are chosen (naturally) and the debate begins. It’s all pretty even until it gets to the final two people – the heads of each team, and just wait till you hear one of them go on a total rant. But did this person win it for their team?

These answers, and so many more make this one worth the listen – thank you for joining us on this historic (as Jeff said) launch episode, strap in and ride along on…

The Road to AVtopia.

Episode 1: Join the Legion

Join the AV/Tech legion…

Hosts Kym FrankCorey MossSpence Graham and Maura Quinn


Joe Way, PhD – Director of Multimedia Services at California Baptist University

Harry Meade – Design Engineer at Diversified

Jennifer Gertz – Business Development at (intelligent and scalable machine data analytics platform)


The Cofounder and President of Legion M, Jeff Annison (on call-in)

After opening discussion with the hosts and guests, the opener of the brand new AV industry tech+ podcast brings the audience a discussion of Legion M – a company giving fans a first-of-its kind opportunity to invest in Hollywood – with Jeff Annison.

Founded by Paul Scanlan and Jeff Annison in March, 2016, Legion M is the world’s first entertainment studio that allows fans to invest in and be part of the creation of new movies, television shows, virtual reality and other pieces of entertainment content. Scanlan and Annison were able to create Legion M after the SEC passed Title IV of the JOBS Act, which allowed non-accredited investors to make investments in small businesses.

All talk with Jeff about Legion M, asking questions and adding commentary to the conversation. We also introduce the new segment “Release the Bull” as Spence (‘Bull’ Graham), who is an investment expert, has the financial conversation here talking with Jeff from the investor standpoint. Corey originally had been following and participating in the conversation and commentary on Facebook, which is how he got to meet people from Legion M, including Jeff.

Visit the Legion M website here. Check out Legion M on Facebook here.

Get on board, and join us for this first ride… on The Road to AVtopia.