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Episode 3: Getting Smarter with Control4

Join hosts Kym FrankCorey MossSpence Graham and Maura Quinn as they welcome their guests:

Kordon Vaughn – Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Control4

Danielle Karr – Control4 Architect & Designer Program Manager at Control4

Michelle Loret – Senior Account Executive at Utelogy Corporation

After continued Short People of AV (SPoAV) talk from Episode 2 – led by Michelle of course – it was determined that Danielle qualifies in a whole different way. Kordon is also ready to support.

To begin Kordon talks about Control4 at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) and what they had showcased at the trade show. Michelle had met with the company there and she talked about some of what she saw as well. Next, Danielle talked about the International Builder Show where the company displayed a tiny home with Control4 technology – a compact, 250-square-foot smart home designed to give architects, builders, and designers an interactive, design-forward smart technology experience. All talk with Danielle about the smart technology, and how this works in a tiny home, or any size home.

Then Spence asks about how big the installers are, and of course SPoAV comes up again. And someone volunteered to be the Control4 tiny smart home spokesperson. Maura also has a brilliant idea about something that can be done with the tiny smart home, and put it on the road. Listen to this.

There is conversation about having industry professionals install the technology, and Kordon talks about the training that Control4 does.

Danielle and Kordon talk about voice technology integration and having devices interact properly, along with network requirements. Again – call an industry professional for the installation. Kym admits that her smart home is, well, not so much. A few others have some thoughts, along with discussing control technology assistance for the elderly. Then Kym brings up a classic control device that Control4 might just integrate in their technology (Kordon’s on it!). Maura wants mind control, Kym wants dog barking control. Michelle is just all about control in her home. Looks like The Road to Techtopia has officially become Control4’s R&D.

All then discuss a blog written by Meredith Shubel (who works for Caster Communications) Working from Home: How to Stay Connected When You’re Not in the Office, and tell remote work stories, including technologies that are used. One thing that the group agrees about videoconferencing — turn on that camera.

And finally, even sides are chosen (as Maura had to depart) for –

The Great Techtopia Debate!

Kym and Corey choose their people on the podcast to debate this article:

USA Today Get paid for your data? California governor wants tech companies to show you the money

There’s the for side, and the against. Or should we say “uh uh, no way.” Guess which side Kym was one.

Was there a clear winner? Will this conversation continue on?

All of this (and more) is right here, where the highway changed a bit, but the signs never do on…

The Road to Techtopia.